Chaz Pitts-Kyser is a writer and speaker
with a passion for empowering college students,

young professionals, and women to
achieve personal and career success

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Chaz Pitts-Kyser is a writer and speaker with a passion for empowering college students, young
professionals, and women to achieve personal and career success. She received a master’s degree in 
from Pace University and bachelor’s degrees in journalism and sociology from Texas 
State University.
In her career, she has worked as an editor, college journalism instructor, and as 
a consultant facilitating
ng, self-publishing and career workshops.

How people manage and become successful in their careers has fascinated Chaz since she first started working at the age of 14 selling popcorn at a $1 movie theater. Of course, in time she moved up at the movie theater (to selling tickets) and then on to bigger and better things with the help of a quality education and a good dose of industriousness and luck.

At the age of 21, she became one of the youngest African-Americans in the nation to serve as the managing editor of a black-owned weekly newspaper. While working in this position and struggling with life after college, the idea for a career guide for female college graduates came to her. However, she had to wait until she had more career and real-life experiences to publish it. 

Those experiences soon came through more than a dozen jobs, four job losses, a move across the United States and back, an engagement, a broken engagement, feeling secure with lots of money in the bank, negative account balances, dealing with depression from not knowing what she was going to do with her life, and navigating the winding path that led to a career she loves: helping college students and young professionals create careers and lives they love!


Chaz with Kent State University students after presenting a workshop on overcoming self-doubt and fear of failure (yes, men attend too!)

In 2007, she published her first career guide, Embracing the Real World: The Black Woman's Guide to Life After College. The book remains the first and only book published that addresses the unique experiences black women graduating from college face upon entering the workforce. For her work on this ground-breaking book that served to uplift and coach thousands of young black women, Chaz was honored by Tyra Banks as one of four black women making black history in 2008. This also started her career as a sought-after speaker on career/life topics. She regards serving as the commencement speaker for DeVry University-Houston’s graduating class as one of her most memorable experiences.

Given the success of the book, Chaz was inspired to develop a book for women of all ethnicities that was even more comprehensive and inspiring. Careeranista: The Woman’s Guide to Success After College is filled with information that has given countless young women the confidence and knowledge needed to build careers even more fulfilling than they imagined. 

Through her company, Careeranista, Chaz is now working to inspire and educate young women with career articles and videos on a range of topics, as well as profiles of rising stars in various industries. Careeranista will also be launching books, e-guides and other products created to better position young women for success in every area of their lives.

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